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About Me

About Me

This is my first run for any type of political office.  Which makes your vote for me all that more important!  Be sure to get out and vote on 

November 7tht!!!

Whether you vote for me, or one of my opponents, I want to see EVERYONE at the polls on 

November 7th!

I have a 25 year career in IT, wth 21 years at my current employer.  I think the city could do a bit more to leverage technology.  I am definately technology friendly.

I believe reliability, honesty, and integrity are not only prerequisites to hold an office at any level of government, but are also how everyone should lead their lives.

I have been a Park City resident since 2006.  I have raised two amazing (now grown) daughters here in Park City.  I have chosen Park City as our home because of it's sense of community, low crime rate, and affordable housing.  Plus, I love this area because almost everything we need is a short drive. 

 (In addition, the people in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods are the friendliest I've met ANYWHERE!!)

My Top Issues

1. Transparency - Government should be transparent to the people.  YOU should know how and why your local issues are being handled.

2. Budget - The city should have a balanced budget that provides all of the services the residents of the city need while preventing tax increases unless absolutely necessary.

3. Streets and Infastructure  - As most of you know around Ward 3, there are some areas that definitely need improvement.  Streets and drainage have always been an issue.

4. Responsiveness - I am here to represent the  residents of Ward 3.  My goal is to bring YOUR issues to the attention of the city.  While one person can't do everything, I will do my best to make sure any valid questions and concerns are addressed at the appropriate level as quickly as possible.

My Involvement

My primary area of involvement with the city is the production of the city's annual Fourth of July Salute to Freedom event.  If you're not familiar with the event, check this out:

Salute to Freedom

This is my tenth year of participation in this awesome committee.  If you haven't been to a Park City 4th, be sure to check it out next year.

Beyond that, I have participated in several local charity events.  I'm looking forward with my first Saturday volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in an upcoming weekend.

If YOU are part of a local event needing a volunteer, feel free to reach out.  I'm always looking for opportunities to partipate and support our local organizations!


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Contact Me

Better yet, let me know what's important to you!

I would really like to hear from you!  Let me know what is important to you, what you think, or just drop a line and say Hi.  Also, if you'd like on of my yard signs, let me know!!!

Thanks for vissiting Vote Steve Brown in Park City!

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